Thursday, June 02, 2005

Since my failed attempt to move to another server, my hits from search engines such as Google and Yahoo have dropped dramatically. The following are the only search terms that seem to lead people here often:

#1 - "Somebody told me that you have a boyfriend that looks like a girlfriend"
- the shitty lyrics from that song by The Killers. I can't believe people are still searching for lyrics to this song. Is it still in rotation on radio stations?

#2 - "Shome Dasgupta"
- I'm kind of surprised to see how many hits I get from people looking for info on my friend. I wrote about him a while back when his book of poetry was published, and since then I get hits from people all over the U.S. Google-ing him. Crazy.

#3 - "[Insert Celebrity Name] naked"
- I still get a few hits from people searching for pictures of various celebrities bereft of their clothes. Nothing unusual about that I guess.

Other than these few search terms, I guess I'm not showing up as much in search engine spiders. Wonder how long it will take to get back in the spiders' good graces?