Monday, June 13, 2005

I don't know if I've really mentioned it to any of you guys, but I really love posting to this blog and keeping in touch with so many of you.

To carry on a conversation like the one taking place this minute in the comment thread of the previous post with some of my oldest high school friends is pretty damned cool considering the geographical space that seperates us.

I may not be saving the world by discussing "important" issues like politics, religion, homeopathic medicine (please read On the Rocks if you don't already. Scott's recent crusade against homeopathic medicine is not only educational, but funny as hell) or any number of other, worldly topics, and I may not get a whole lot of traffic aside from the occasional Googler searching for "The Incredibles, nude" but my friends and family take the time to check in regularly and participate in discussion and I love it.

In short, thanks for reading everybody.