Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I Checked It Out,

but I still haven't purchased an audiobook.

Those things are damned expensive! I was looking to get a copy of F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Beautiful and the Damned," and it was $50 on Granted, not all of the books are that much, but wow! that's a lot.

Another problem I'm having is actually finding books I want to listen to. So far I haven't found any of Haruki Murakami's novels, I couldn't find "On the Road" by Kerouac, I looked for several of Jonathan Lethem's earlier novels but could only find "The Fortress of Solitude," I could only find an abridged version of Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States," couldn't find any of the novels of Yukio Mishima, and there were several others I looked for but actually didn't expect to find. So it seems that selection (or at least my taste) is somewhat limited for now anyway.

I checked the Barnes & Noble website, and a few of those are actually available.

I am going to try it though. I just have to find a book I'm interested in that I can afford.