Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Steal This Idea

I had this idea a while back about an incredible business opportunity that has the potential to be really, really successful. The problem is that it would require an unimaginable amount of start-up capital. So, I'm going to present it here in order for it to be stolen by someone with the capital needed such as a cable or utility company, or a phone company, etc.

Wouldn't it be cool if wireless internet broadcasts were available nationwide the way that cell phone broadcasts are? Someone should set up the towers to do it and broadcast the signals. Then you just have customers sign up the way that they would for a cell phone plan, or for traditional internet service.

It would be pretty damned cool to be able to log on anywhere: on the road, at work, on vacation, without worrying about whether you can pick up a network or not. You could always get on.

I think whoever does this will make a killing.