Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The comments on my post regarding Big Momma's House 2 gave me the idea for this post.

In the comment section, list some of your favorite:

1) Saturday Night Live Episodes - This means, overall episodes in which the host was good, and there were a number of memorable skits and/or a good monologue.

2) Saturday Night Live skits - What have been your favorite skits throughout the history of SNL?

3) Weekend Update Anchor - There have been a number of hosts over the years for SNL's fake news broadcast. Who have been your favorites?

4) Recurring characters

My favorite episodes (by host) are:

1) Courtney Cox (Beatin of the Week skit, and one of the funniest Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy ever "when I turned it around I noticed it wasn't a peach but a human head))
2) Martin Lawrence (Awesome monologue about feminine hygiene, and the Crooks skit)
3) Any of the number of episodes hosted by Christopher Walken (he's a great host)
4) Nicole Kidman(the playground skit with hyperactive Mike Myers)

Favorite Weekend Update Anchor:
1) Norm Macdonald

Favorite Recurring Characters:
1) Matt Foley (Chris Farley)
2) Cajun Man (Adam Sandler)
3) That character played by Rob Schneider who always made up silly ways to say his co-workers names.
4) Alex Trebek (Will Farrell)