Friday, April 08, 2005

Help a Struggling Independent Theater!

I've been a loyal reader of The Moxie Blog for a very long time, even back when it was just Cinema 24. Dan and Nicole Chilton are a young couple whom I admire a great deal. They are about my age and they are currently in the midst of opening their very own movie theater.

Having grown up as movie fans in Springfield, MO the pair have always been disappointed with the lack of independent and foreign films that make their way to the city. So the Chiltons decided to do something about it, by opening a theater of their own to showcase those films that the Sprinfield market is missing.

Recently, the Chiltons have run into a slight funding problem brought on by the numerous renovations required to bring the future site of The Moxie up to code, according to the local government. In order to raise the funds needed to cover these expenses, the Chiltons have begun an Ebay auction to sell the naming rights to their Cinebar (concession stand.)

If any of my faithful readers out there are wildly rich investors or philanthropic cineastes, please click the Ebay link in this post and get bidding! If on the other hand you are like me, and cannot afford to help this brave young couple nearly as much as you might like to, please just spread the word and help to create some buzz about this auction in order help them maximize the amount that is raised to
complete the opening of The Moxie.

Here are a few things we poor people can do to help:

Visit to read this news story, and click "Digg this story" to move it up to the front page.

Contact Golden Palace Casino (the online casino that has become notorious for winning outrageous Ebay auctions) through their Ebay Member Page to notify them about this auction and encourage them to bid high.

Donate to The Moxie what little you may be able to afford here.

Examine the budget that has been set forth by the Chiltons and pick out something that you might be able to donate to their cause.