Monday, April 11, 2005

Analyze This!

A Dream I Had on April 9th, 2005

I was back in Crowley, at my Grandmother Rena’s house with my mom, my sister Beth and brother Ed and one of my good friends, Nike. We were at her house but my grandmother wasn’t there, which was odd because she is usually home.

Eventually we decided to leave to go get a bite to eat. So we go to a restaurant down the street and have lunch. When lunch is done, Nike leaves to go back home, and my mom, sister and brother all drive back to my grandmother’s house. I decided to walk back.

By taking some short-cuts and back ways, I beat the rest of them back to her house. As I walk into the driveway there is a silver Dodge Magnum parked there, but I don’t pay it any mind. When I walk into the yard, and I am approaching the front door, I notice that there is a small children’s playground in the next lot, which I had never noticed before. As I get closer, I can hear the children singing the song “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea” by Neutral Milk Hotel. The song sounds so beautiful and innocent as sung by all of those little voices that I sit down on a chair near the Dodge Magnum and just listen and sing along a little, and I kind of start to cry.

While I’m still singing along, my mom, sister and brother show up, and I’m excited because I know that Beth and Ed will love it when they hear these kids sing this song. I start waving the two of them over, and just then the rear driver’s side door of the Dodge Magnum opens up and some guy who is around twenty or twenty-one, my brothers age, gets out. Then the other car doors open up and four more guys get out, and two of them are holding half smoked joints.

I don’t know what the deal is, but I assume these guys are trespassing, and start telling them that they have to get the hell off of the property.

After I yell at them for a minute, the first one who got out of the car looks at me and says, “You ready for it, man?”

“Ready for what,” I say.

“Ed told us we could,” is his response.

So these guys were smoking weed in my grandmother’s car because Ed told them that they could.

I am really confused at this point and a little pissed off, and my mom is there and she isn’t very happy about the situation, so we both turn around to talk to Ed, but when we see him it isn’t the twenty-year old Ed any more, it’s Ed when he was five years old.

Then I woke up.