Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Follow the White Rabbit

Once again I have added another link to my sidebar. This time the link is for a blog that is run by a guy I know from back home in Lafayette, La. His name is Andy and he is using his blog to create awareness and to share his artwork.

The name of the blog is AndyOriginals, and I ask that you check it out and maybe even leave a comment to let Andy know that you stopped by. This is an excerpt from Andy's description of his latest work, his "Spill Clouds" series:

Color and shape are the other forces that drive me to create these works. All of my color choices contain internal symbolism, whether important or not. These elements are also what I want to share with the viewer My goal has been to create paintings that one could stare at for a long time, making new connections and maintaining interest with every glance.