Sunday, January 30, 2005

In My Humble Opinion

Mardi Gras is a ridiculous, stupid holiday.

I'd be willing to bet that 3/4 of the idiots that are blocking the streets and causing massive traffic problems for those of us that have to go to work, or get some errands taken care of don't even know what is being celebrated or why.

Nope, just a bunch of drunken assholes, beating each other for beads and trinkets, and sometimes killing each other.

It's a damned shame that New Orleans finds itself in the position that it is in. This really could've been a great city. Now, the only industry that supports this giant, bloated, poverty-stricken city waiting to be swallowed up by the Gulf of Mexico (which is only a matter of time, we're just waiting for the right hurricane) is the tourism industry. And the tourism industry is almost 100% based around Bourbon Street and Mardi Gras. So, in effect our entire economy revolves around and depends upon the rest of the nation and the world coming here to get drunk and get laid.

I've enjoyed myself here for the most part, but my prediction is that I will not be staying here forever.